Healthy Plants Guarantee

When you place an order with Wilson Bros Gardens, we guarantee that you will receive healthy, container-grown and fully rooted plants that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive in your landscape.

If you have any concerns regarding the health of a plant received we ask that you contact us within 72 hours so that we can document and quickly resolve the issue. Please email us at [email protected] with a photo(s) of each plant(s). This way, if necessary we can provide expert advice needed to make sure the plant thrives or in the event a plant suffers injury detrimental to its health or form, we can get replacement plants sent out right away or provide a refund or store credit, whichever you prefer. Wilson Bros Gardens reserves the right to request that the plant or product be returned before issuing a replacement.

Please note, though we guarantee our plants to be alive and healthy upon arrival, since we have no control over how, when or where you plant them, follow up care, or what Mother Nature may or may not decide to do we cannot cover them under our guarantee policy if contacted after 72 hours.

Plants received dormant between December 15th and March 15th will be considered on a case by case basis as long as we are notified by May 31st.

Safe Shipping Guarantee

In the rare but possible event that the box containing your plants was poorly handled by the shipping carrier, resulting in damages that are detrimental to the health of the plant, we ask that you DO NOT proceed with planting the damaged plant(s). Once a damaged plant is removed from its nursery pot and planted in the ground or another pot we can no longer guarantee that plant. Instead, if you have received a plant(s) that has been damaged during transit, and are concerned that the damage will compromise the plants health or ability to survive, please take a photo of the damaged box(es) and plant(s) and forward them to us at [email protected] within 72 hours of receiving the items. Replacement or reimbursement cannot be processed without a digital image(s), which are necessary in order for us to make a proper claim with the carrier and get replacement plants shipped out to you right away!
Wilson Bros Gardens reserves the right to request that the plant or product be returned before issuing a replacement, refund or store credit.

Damages not reported to [email protected] within 72 hours with supporting pictures are not eligible for coverage under our Safe Shipping Guaranty.

Extended Guarantee

As with all living things, plants can die due to many different causes, including unforeseen acts of Mother Nature such as extreme cold, heat, excessive rainfall, high winds etc, and/or from poor soil drainage, excessive or inadequate rainfall or irrigation, exposure to too much direct sunlight or shade, shock from fertilizer or toxic chemicals and other substances, etc. Any of these factors, or a combination of factors, can cause decline of an otherwise healthy plant. In cases where plants have died, with photos, and if contacted more than 72 hours but within 6 months of the arrival date of the plant, we will offer a store credit in the amount of 50% the price that was paid for the plant. This store credit can be used towards the purchase of a replacement plant (if in stock) or any other plant of your choice in our online store.

Please Note :  The above guarantees are not valid if any of the following conditions are present…

  • Plants that are transplanted to and grown in above ground pots, planters or other containers that are situated indoors or outdoors.

  • Non-life threatening injury from insect, diseases

  • Injury or destruction from deer, rabbits, pets, people, machinery, vehicles, etc

  • Plants purchased and planted outside the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones listed on our website. So that when shopping for plants in our online store you can select and purchase plants that are most likely to survive and thrive in your landscape, we provide USDA Plant Hardiness Zone ranges in several locations on every plant page in our website. Find Your USDA Zone

  • Wilson Bros Gardens reserves the right to request a soil sample for evaluation. In the event that the plants were planted in an environment that is not conducive to that plant's health, i.e., poor soil conditions, high or insufficient mineral levels etc, this offer is not valid.

Northerners Please Note

Because we grow all of our plants outdoors year round, and they are fully acclimated to outdoor conditions in our area, if you live and garden in USDA Zone 8a south through Zone11 you can safely purchase and plant our plants at any time of year.

However, if you live and garden in the colder USDA Zones 7b and further north through 3a, we strongly suggest that during the seasonal transitional periods from late winter to early spring, and fall to early winter, you time your purchases so as to avoid possible damage from cold weather conditions.

Late Winter to Early Spring Guidelines for Northern Gardeners
To avoid cold injury to plants, if your location is in Zone 7 or further north to Zone 3, when timing purchases from our nursery during the late winter to spring seasonal transition period, which is from March 1 to May 15 (depending on your USDA Zone and climate), a general rule of thumb for safe purchasing and planting is to wait until your local weather forecasters are forecasting no more freezing temperature or frosts in your area. Keep in mind that frosts can occur at temperatures as high as 38 degrees F.

Fall to Early Winter Guidelines for Northern Gardeners

To avoid cold injury to plants, if your location is in Zone 7 or further north to Zone 3, when timing purchases from our nursery during the fall and early winter seasonal transition period, which is from Sept 1 to Nov 15 (depending on your USDA Zone and climate), a general rule of thumb for safe purchasing and planting is to wait until after November 15, at which time our plants will have entered their winter dormancy state and will therefore be resistant to damage from freezing temperatures or frosts, which can occur at temperatures as high as 38 degrees F.

Please Note: Before purchasing any specific type of plant, make sure it is listed as hardy in your USDA Zone. In several different places on every plant page in our online store you will find the USDA Zones ranges listed. Find Your USDA Zone. Because we ship hundreds of orders every day and upwards of a 1,000 or more plant varieties each having unique cold hardiness thresholds, and based on that it is impossible for us to track current or future weather conditions in over 41,000 zip codes in the 48 continental United States, we cannot guarantee plants against winter cold damage that are shipped to locations where the plant is not listed to be cold hardy.

Expert Planting & Care Tips

Our number one goal is your success. Planting methods and after-planting care is important, especially during the first active-growth season after transplanting. Under the Planting & Care Advice tab on every plant page in you'll find plant-specific planting and care instructions provided by our experts to ensure you have the best success with your plants, and be growing them like the pros!

You can also use the Advice Search located at the top center of every page in our website to search our expert planting and care instructions.
Our staff horticulturists are at your service 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have by email at [email protected].

30-Day Return Policy

If for any reason you would like to return an otherwise healthy plant(s) you received from us, you can do so within 30 days for a refund or store credit, whichever you want. More below on how to return items. If plants have been injured during transit there is no need to return them to us. Simply contact us within 72 hours of delivery to make your claim.

Please note that due to Georgia Department of Agriculture regulations, we can not accept plants for return which have been transplanted to the ground or to other pots and therefore have come into contact with native or other soils which could be contaminated.

Return Procedures For Plants
If you would like to return or exchange a plant(s), please contact our Customer Service department by email at [email protected] or by using our Contact form. One of our representatives will determine whether or not you need to return the plant to receive a refund or exchange.

Please note, plants that have been transplanted to the ground or other containers are not eligible for return. The State of Georgia Agriculture Department will not allow us to resell any plant that has been transplanted and therefore come into contact with any other soil than the certified soil media we use in pots when growing plants.

Packaging Your Return (if applicable)

When we have asked that a plant be returned to us we ask that you include the plant(s), a copy of purchase documents (receipt), a photo of the plant(s) and the original packing materials when they arrived at your location, and a photo of the plant after having repackaged it for return.

If shipped on our account a return shipping ticket will be sent by us via email. Just print and tape it to the box and take it to the nearest UPS Package (Not Envelope) drop-off location.

Return Policy Terms & Conditions

When the returned plant(s) is received, it will be inspected by our quality control department. Once your return has been accepted, all refunds will be processed within five business days and done in the form of the original purchase method. Bank wires are refunded via company check. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

Items sent to our office without having first contacted our Customer Service department, or packages received beyond the 30-day return period, will be refused receipt.

We are not responsible for loss or damage while the returned plant(s) is in transit to us.
In some cases, a 6% finance fee will be charged for all refund amounts to compensate for our incurred bank expenses.


Wilson Bros Gardens will do its best to honor cancellation requests, however does reserve the right to bill charges it incurs according to the status of the order. If an item has been billed then a fee of 6% of the refunded amount will be charged. If the order has already been shipped or is in the process of being packaged we are unable to cancel it.With undamaged orders that are refused upon delivery, and packages are not opened, we may charge a 15 to 20% restocking fee. In such cases, if the plants do not arrive back to us in saleable condition then the customer is responsible for the full amount of the order.

Other Notes

We cannot be held liable for any amount greater than the purchase price of the plant or product in question.

Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

In the rare but possible event that a plant was misnamed or improperly tagged, we will replace or refund. In no case shall we be liable for more than the purchase price of the plants. Human error happens and we have no problem admitting when we have made a mistake, and correcting it.

Note: There are often numerous common names for the same plant, but only one scientific name. Sometimes the common plant names used on our website will not identically match the common name on the plant tag attached to the plant that you receive. This happens because plant label makers from various regions of the country might use different common names, but we guarantee the scientific botanical name will be a match!

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